Tailgate Parties – BBQ Catering

Tailgate Party bbq catering

BBQ Catering for tailgate parties is HUGE. Show up at the game with slow smoked meat and sides and instantly make a TON of friends.

Here are somethings to think about when requesting a bbq catering quote for a tailgate party:

  1. Do you want the bbq caterer onsite? (having them onsite is a bit more expensive, but having that big smoker pumping out goodness always attracts attention)
  2. Ask the caterer if they have done this before. They should know the ins and outs of tailgating
  3. Make sure they get there WAY before the festivities start. Parking lots fill up fast, your caterer needs to have a prime spot for maximum exposure.
  4. Pick your meats carefully. Since tailgating can be a multi hour experience, you want meats and sides that can handle being out for a while.
  5. Bring Tupperware. There are ALWAYS leftovers.

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