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I created bbqcaterer.net to fix two problems. First, I wanted to stay at home with my son. I wanted a job that I could work on from my kitchen table that would allow the flexibility to be there for my son as he grows up.

Charlie and Me

Second, I noticed a problem with bbq catering. My neighbor is a great bbq caterer, I would say probably one of the best in the state. However, the issue with his bbq catering business was that he did not have enough bbq catering gigs to stay real busy.

My wife had worked in corporate America as an executive admin and expressed an issue with the time it took to get catering quotes from caterers for the events they had.

One day all of these “problems” aligned into a thought: What if I could create a tool that connected one bbq quote to many different bbq caterers? So I built it. The overall goal for this site is to provide value on both sides of the transaction, the consumer and the bbq caterer. The consume gets multiple bbq catering quotes by only submitting one form. The bbq caterer gets more requests for quotes. Everyone saves a ton of time.

Thanks for visiting and using my bbq catering tool. I appreciate it. If you have an idea on how I can make my site better, please shoot me an email at catering@bbqcaterer.net.

Our Address: 2020 Maltby Rd #7249, Bothell WA, 98021
Our Phone number: 206-999-6764


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