BBQ Catering Corporate Parties

BBQ Catering corporate parties is what we do best. Finding the right bbq caterer for your corporate or company party is easy as submitting on request for quote.


One of the top traits you should look for in a bbq caterer for your corporate event is experience. Corporate events need to happen on time and need to be problem free. Let’s be honest, if the event goes well or bad, your career is at stake here as well as your reputation as an event planner.

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Also, some companies have special rules around how a caterer can be paid. Make sure to have those conversations with your caterers as some of them require a payment up front as a deposit. I like giving a deposit as it puts my mind at ease knowing the bbq caterer is on the hook for my event.

So, how do you lower the risk of your company party’s bbq? Here are some things to think about:

  1. Find a bbq caterer with corporate party experience (questions to ask your bbq caterer)
  2. Select the right menu (remember, not everyone eats meat)
  3. Time it perfectly
  4. Follow up with your caterer a week before the event
  5. Think about how the food will stay warm/cold
  6. Plan the layout of the food (does it need to be labeled?)

Some of our caterers have collaborated together to create a Corporate Party BBQ Catering Checklist. Download it free and share it with others that could use it.

Best layout for your bbq catering food layout



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