BBQ Caterer FAQs

This list will save your event. We have compiled a list of bbq catering FAQ’s over the years. Read through this list before organizing your event. It will save you time and money. Trust me.


Top BBQ Catering Questions

Why use

Our site was created to make your life easier. How? By saving you time. Finding a good bbq caterer is tough. I experienced the frustration and the time suck that is “getting a bbq quote”.

What are the most popular meats ordered?

Plain and simple. Pulled pork, beef brisket, and chicken. These are the 3 most popular types of meat for bbq catering. Why? Not only are these meats delicious, but they are also great choices for catering because you can make it in bulk and is pretty inexpensive as meat goes.

What are the most popular sides ordered?

Cornbread, potato salad and coleslaw. These are the top three. ***

What is the pink ring around some of the meat?

The pink that see around the outside of the meat is a smoke ring. That ring shows the meat has been slow smoked. It adds the flavor that we all love. The best meat has that ring and is completely moist.

How much food should I order?

This is a great question and one of the hardest part of providing a catering quote. Our site does much of the work for you, all you need to do is provide the number of people and the food you want to have. Our experienced caterers have years of experience, they know how to scope out a quote and provide the best value to you and your guests.

When is the best time to have food served?

What are some of the best locations to have a bbq picnic?

What should I order for my vegetarian guests?

Can I save the leftovers?

Most of the time, you will have lots of leftovers. Bring Tupperware.

What are some typical events that are a good fit for bbq catering?


Other BBQ Catering tips

How do cancellations happen?

 What is the most cost-effective type of bbq catering? Onsite, drop off or pickup?

How does setup or delivery work?

Can I just pick up the bbq catering?

Who do I contact regarding my event?

When does assistance stop?

Can I get full catering services?



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