BBQ Catering Menu Items

Here are some of the most common menu items you find when ordering bbq catering. Not all bbq caterers have all these menu items, but most of them have something similar. Bbq catering is one of the most difficult type of catering as the main courses (the meats) take so long to smoke and cook.

BBQ Catered Meats

Pulled pork bbq catering

Pulled Pork

Pulled pork is one of the most common meats ordered when getting professional bbq catering.

Beef Brisket bbq catering

Beef Brisket

Slow smoked beef brisket is one of the best meats for bbq catering.

Baby back ribs bbq catering

Baby Back Ribs

Baby back ribs are another common menu choice for bbq catering. They are more expensive than pulled pork and beef brisket by volume, but are a nice touch.

Slow smoked bbq chicken


Chicken can be prepared a number of ways. Pulled (shredded), whole chicken, half chicken, wings and pieces. Slow smoked, chicken is a great, inexpensive meat to serve at your bbq catered event.

hot links bbq catering

Hot Links

Adding hot links to your bbq catered event is awesome. Mixing pulled pork, or beef brisket with a hotlink is so delicious. Through on some coleslaw and you have an AWESOME dish!

Beef ribs bbq catering

Beef Ribs

Beef ribs are often overlooked and not every bbq caterer provides them

Beef Tri-Tip

Beef tri-tip is another specialty meat that some bbq caterers offer. It is super delicious and probably the most flavorful bbq meat. Again, not all bbq caterers offer this good stuff.

Getting hot-wings for your bbq catering is a great idea

Hot Wings

BBQ'd or slow smoked, hot wings are a great appetizer. Overall pretty inexpensive and a nice touch for your event.

Slow smoked hams are great for your bbq catered event

Whole Smoked Hams

Especially good for house parties and anniversaries, slow smoked whole hams taste sooooo good.

beef short ribs are great for bbq catering. Although they are expensive.

Beef Short Ribs

A specialty meat which typically is marinated before it is grilled or smoked and are SOOOO good. We see a lot of beef short ribs ordered for house parties and anniversaries.

BBQ Catering Sides

Fresh cornbread - a standard for bbq catering


Cornbread is a bbq standard. Many bbq caterers have various flavors of cornbread like sweet honey, jalapeno, maple bacon and others.

Baked Beans - great for bbq catering and your bbq event

Baked Beans

Baked beans is a standard bbq catering menu item. Some caterers make their own baked beans while others do not worry about making their own and just use store bought baked beans.

Potato Salad

Potato salad is a crowd pleaser. Nothing says bbq like potato salad. Most bbq caterers make their own potato salad, or buy store bought potato salad and add some ingredients to it to make it their own.

Mac and Cheese

If you can find a bbq caterer that slow smokes their mac and cheese, oh boy, look out. That stuff is like crack.

bbq catering menu item - Mixed vegetables

Mixed Vegetables

Mixed vegetables are a great choice for a veggie option. Also, your vegetarian friends will appreciate the gesture.

bbq catering broccoli-slaw

Broccoli Coleslaw

Broccoli Coleslaw has been becoming more and more popular. Great with beef brisket and ribs.

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