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Executive Admins: Questions to Ask your BBQ Caterer for your Corporate Event

Corporate bbq catering gigs. Executive admins should ask these questions

Your boss, your team is relying on you to bring a bbq caterer in and feed everyone. Of course, you have a million things to do and don’t have time to research all of the bbq caterers in your area. will help by sending your one request for catering to multiple bbq caterers in your area. Problem 1 solved.

Now that you have a bunch of bbq catering quotes, how can you determine which caterer is right for your event? Here are some questions we suggest Executive Admins, office managers, team admins or anyone responsible for feeding your team with some quality bbq:

  1. Ask them if they have done any catering for your company before? If so, they might better understand your billing process and office experience.
  2. Have they performed a bbq catering gig this size before?
  3. Does the bbq caterer have any references?
  4. Ask them “What’s your plan for serving my team?”. Even if the bbq caterer does not have many specifics, you can see if they have thought the event through or not,.

Something else to remember is that if your bbq event is on a popular weekend, particularly in the summer, your bbq caterer MIGHT have multiple requests coming in for the same day. So, be patient and remember not to overburden them with trivial questions, they might just say forget it. Submit your corporate bbq catering request and let us help you get your teams some great bbq!

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