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The core of any online marketing effort is the website. Our website and email list is the only two online assets you actually own. Social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest), Citation sites (Google listings, Yelp, Trip Advisor) and third party sites (bbq blogs, directory sites and other awesome bbq websites, like this one) can all change the way your data shows up and can at any time remove your data.

Owning and using your website as the hub of a spoked wheel, pushing data out to the other online platforms

Social Media

How can bbq caterers use social media to market their bbq catering business? You can spend all day on social media, but who wants to do that? We show you how to spend the least amount of time on social media and still get all the marketing benefits of having your bbq catering business on social media.


Wow. Youtube is one of the most under-utilized platforms to help your bbq catering business. Phones today are capable of creating high quality videos that can be uploaded instantly. Not only is YouTube great for sharing bbq catering videos, it is a also great for building traffic to your website. As a client, you will be walked through, step by step on how to set up your Youtube channel to maximize traffic to your website. Let’s get started!

Email Marketing

Email is still very effective when finding bbq catering clients. Using your website to build your email list is not super hard. There are many free plugins that can be used to get folks to sign up very easy. There are also some great online email tools that can automatically update your email list once someone subscribes. Tools like MailChimp works great for bbq catering.


Third Party Websites

Getting your information on other third party websites is also important. Making sure your message is where people are hanging out online is uber important.


Citation Sites


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